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The medium to string massage using a combination of all Dreamy spa's massage texhniques that eases muscular tension and relax.

850 B/90 min
I love Hand and Foot massage

an extremely relax full hand and foot retreat. Massage with warm coco nut oil follow by hand and foot mask. Hands and feet feel silky smooth

595 B/1 hour
Yin Yang our very special signature massage using aromatic oils and performed by two of our therapists using a combination of hand, forearm, and acupressure techniques
1395 B/1 hour
TOK SEN Massage

an Ancient of therapy using a special instrument to hammer or hit on Sen refer to the pathway in the body to ease tension with in the muscle at a deep level follow by relaxing oil massage help you more relax and being back balance to the body

895 B/90 min
Back & Shoulders soothes deep aches and pains by concentrating on acupuncture points of the back, shoulders, and neck
350 B/30 min
Sports a very firm physiotherapy massage that eases muscular tension and stimulates muscle detoxification and toning
695 B/1 hour
Indian Scalp warmed scented oils trickled and massaged into the scalp to relieve tension and soothe both mind and body
350 B/30 min
Hawaiian forearm long-stroke movements softly pressured upon the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and induce intense relaxation
595 B/1 hour
Balinese strong-hand action upon bodily pressure points to stimulate blood circulation and revive low energy levels
595 B/1 hour
Iced or Hot Stone iced or hot palm-sized stones and cool aromatic oils are gently massaged over the body to ease tension and induce comfort
695 B/1 hour
Aromatherapy Oil

exotic aroma oils are smoothed over acupuncture points of the body to sooth you into deep relaxation

595 B/1 hour
Siam Oil a Royal Thai massage with herbal compress and herbal oil that relieves fatigue and greatly increases energy levels
595 B/1 hour
Royal Thai A firm massage without use of oils concentrating on the 10 central energy points of the body and ending with a warm herbal compress
395 B/1 hour